Semester 1 @ BITS Pilani Goa

10 Pointer, 20 hours of study daily, no games, always serious, no girls (ahem ahem!), etc etc. a lot many such things come to mind when you are the only son of the family and is going to a GOOD college,  as people (including me..) say , but a few days into the college, the mindset changed…….


I remember when the session began(for students like me), things were crystal clear, CGPA 10 lana hai..9.5 bhi chalega… after all i m very intelligent . Solving maths and thermodynamics  questions daily, attending all classes, watching MIT lectures, and more of such chudaap was a part of the daily schedule….not for me but for many people like me…Dont know what happened with time…but the terms changed….rather changed significantly..

CGPA! saala 6 hi aa-jaaye..bus ACB na lage…

How I met your mother,  replaced MIT lectures…

Maths and Thermodynamics books were replaced by novels….etc etc


After coming to college, we came to know about several departments that administrates the college..Initially we thought kya chudaap hai ye… but seeing everyone giving their inductions..we also gave for some. I got in DOSM..ya thats how we call it …DEPARTMENT OF SPONSORSHIP AND MARKETING, the only department for which i gave induction…and it was worth it…but saala kaam bahut karvaate hai….


The first cultural fest for the first yearites … WAVES -2010 Viva la Vida was superb…rather better than the expectation.. I still remember the HR girls, and the guys running behind them. Obviously, girls don’t get selected in BITS for their looks.. so only we (i can also include my IIT friends….because its mutual for us) bad is the condition of guys is there in BITS when it comes to girls..ratio roughly being 1 girl :5 boys. So if colleges from Delhi (LSR, KMC etc ) and from Mumbai …HR.. come… boys obviously gonna get crazy..

I think i deviated from the topic..bhavnaao me beh gaya…. Honestly, Waves was too good. I worked with DOSM..and learnt a lot of new things..from seniors…

Semester 1 everthing became Lite … studies, the fire, the enthu, every damn thing that we had during JEE preparation. The feeling, its kind of different, and we are still evolving..


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